Monday, March 5, 2012

Project Space

For our project space we chose the Botanic Garden that is located right next to the Chapparal Hall. When we got there we entered the little park. There was a pathway of cement but as we got further in it disappeared, so we just decided to walk around and explore the space. We saw two park style benches in an open grass area. On the opposite side there was a little dirt trail that led to a cautioned off area were there was a wasp nest. We walked the other way and we saw more plants and trees and suddenly came upon three greenhouses. After talking to a person from there we were allowed inside of them. The greenhouses were something else they contained unique and very gorgeous plants that I never seen before.

When we got to the garden it was almost 10 am so it was definitely very quiet and empty, we were the only ones there. I think that this Garden can definitely be used for some peace and quiet. I can also imagine studying in this area just because it’s so isolated and there is no distractions what so ever. I have never seen this part of CSUN so it definitely didn’t feel like it was part of it but the garden was really beautiful, I felt like I was somewhere else. We also noticed that most or all the plants and trees had a little sign that indicated what type of plant they were or type of tree they were.

                The garden is definitely different then the places here at CSUN I find it really nice that we have a place like this because at times where we are in need of some peace and quiet we can come to the garden and experience that. Or we can also just go and use it as a place to study because of how quiet the place can be, plus no one can disturb you. I also see this facility as a learning place just because of the many plants and trees plus the greenhouses that are located inside the garden.  

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