Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project Space

For the following project space my group decided doing it on parks. We all went out to a different parks and observed them. We made sure that each of us didn’t go to the same parks. I personally went to two parks just to get two different perspectives.

                The first park I went to is called Las Palmas Park and it’s located in the city of San Fernando. It is off to a corner well it looks like it. It is right next to and in front of a much public neighborhood. I went to the park on a Sunday evening it was pretty much empty I saw a few families. Once you get to the park you see the recreational center were inside there are basketball courts and a salon used for many occasions. Outside next to this building are more basketball courts and in front of the building is a jungle gym. In front of that is a barbeque place where you can have parties. Next to that there’s a plain field of grass mostly used to play soccer.  When you move on you see a baseball diamond and them a little further on  you come to more grass and cement around it which is used to run or jog. I like how this park is set up because everything is around the barbeque area which is where the parents usually hang around and can watch their kids from wherever they are. The park also has everything a children’s park should have, so kids can have fun while they are there.

                The second park I went to is only about a mile or two away from the first one I visited and it is called The San Fernando Park also located in the city of San Fernando. This park is similar to the first one it has a place to jog a recreational center a jungle gym a barbeque are and basketball courts. But recently they made it a project to add a workout section were they added two sections of built in machines to exercise. Also the park added a new pool but it’s just not your typical park pool its two huge pools with two huge water slides making it very famous in the summer to families who want to cool off. I also noticed how the park was a little empty but then again it was a Sunday.

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