Sunday, March 11, 2012


Signs of Shopping

Norton in her essay talks about how a mall is sort of built to drive in customers of all races ages from young adolescents to old people. Yet she speaks about how in a mall you will mostly see young females spent an enormous amount of time there. She states how they spend more time at a mall than money buying things. She also claims that shopping for woman is a subversive activity. I can see where she can get this from many woman go out shopping to relieve stress or just go out and spend time with their friends and get away from their life. Some of her claims about a female shopper may be right but I don’t think that its only females who go out shopping spend and blow their money or husband’s money. I think that males also do the same, now that I think of it every time I go to the mall I always tend to see male shoppers who are  in a group of other male shoppers and if I’m right they tend to either spend the same amount of money a female or even more. In my opinion I think it just all depends on the person and who they are if they like shopping they will spend a big amount of their time shopping but if they don’t they won’t and that goes for both females and males. Now a day I see many young shoppers female and male in the mall shopping.

Science of Shopping

While reading the following article I was blown away of how technical it can be to drive customers to a certain store when it is build and opened for the public. They think of every certain angle and scenario when building a store that wants to sell good. They think of the displays out in front of the store like what type of things should be in display to get a customer’s attention. Then they discuss what should be put in the front of the store and what should go in the back. In a clothing store they usually have shirts in the front and and dressing rooms in the back so when you go and try something on you are bound to stop and look at the stuff in the back which is usually the stuff on sale. While in the grocery store they will put the dairy on one side the meat in the back and the produce on the other so a costumer won’t get what they quick and instead go through the whole store and grab more than what they needed. When I think about it that’s exactly how a grocery store is set up back home and now I understand why.

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  1. I agree with you when you say that you see the same amount of male and females at malls. I too tend to see the same thing when I go to the mall, there are both groups of girls or boys or of both mixed shopping. I also agree with you when you say it depends on the person. Everyone wants to look good, and have nice clothes and look fresh right? However I still think females are more inclined to go to the malls more often than males. Personally, I kind of dislike going to the malls with girls because they usually just look around everywhere. They spend so much time looking and trying on dresses they know they won't buy, and I don't really have much patience for that. I'm pretty sure a lot of dudes would agree with me on that. So, yes probably the amount of females at the mall is the same as males, but females do like to spend much more time there than males.